• Navigating COVID-19 Q&A With Jordan Dodson

    In an effort to support our femxle founder community, THE ART OF FATE launched an Interview Series to spotlight the stories of how womxn in business are navigating through the current COVID-19 climate. Through these candid conversations, our hope is to provide a sense of transparency, inspi... View Post
  • A Simple Guide To Sustainable Fashion

    Sustainable fashion has gotten a bad rep for being expensive, but the truth is, if done right can save you money in the long run. They will stand the test of time and not fad out as fashion trends tend to do... View Post
  • A Closet Worth A Thousand Words

    I remember a time not long ago that I dreamed of having a closet full of beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories. Fashion was my escape, an alternate reality where I imagined myself transforming into different characters with the swap of an outfit.    I like to compare fashion to smoking. It'... View Post