Navigating COVID-19 Q&A With Jordan Dodson

In an effort to support our femxle founder community, THE ART OF FATE launched an Interview Series to spotlight the stories of how womxn in business are navigating through the current COVID-19 climate. Through these candid conversations, our hope is to provide a sense of transparency, inspiration, and hope for other womxn-owned businesses as well as to help you engage with femxle founders in a more intimate way. This week we're excited to introduce Jordan Dodson, an independent artist shining her light on her home city in Memphis, TN. 

Founder Name:

Jordan Dodson

Business Name:

Jordan Occasionally

Where are you based?

Memphis, TN

In 3 sentences or less, tell us what your business does and what sets you apart.

"I am an independent artist, creating and releasing music on my own without a record label. Every thing that I use in my work, from the music to the album artwork to the collaboration, has been created with and by artists from Memphis, TN. I am intentional in wanting to shine a light on my city."

What three words best describe your current emotions towards the COVID-19 pandemic? 

"Inspiration, Anxiety, Friendship."

Favorite Quarantine Snack?

"Anything Pasta related."

Have you discovered any new hobbies/interests? 

"Suddenly I have an eye for interior design and have taken to remodeling my bathroom. I also love to cook now!"

What was your initial reaction to COVID-19? Did you anticipate it would result in a nation-wide lockdown? 

"Honestly, I didn't believe it was that serious until I lost my job in retail. Having extra jobs on the side help me continue to focus on my music career so I had to find alternative routes to keep making my dreams happen. I had no idea that I would be locked in my house for two months now; however, I have created music faster than I would have had I been glued to things outside like I was. It has certainly brought everything into perspective."

Who do you feel most supported by right now? 

"I feel most supported by the city of Memphis. There have been many initiatives created to help Independent Artists in Memphis! "Crosstown Arts: Against the Grain" was formed as a platform for artists like myself to gain publicity by providing virtual live performances from home in exchange for donations. I feel like I've grown closer to the people I've always known and people I've just met in the city in spite of it all."

How has your business been affected by COVID-19? 

"I have not only lost my job, but I lost interviews and live performances due to COVID-19. I currently rely on a multitude of different platforms to keep creating music and keep a roof over my head. I'm young, and luckily I have my family to support me; however, there were a lot of things lined up that were abruptly cancelled due to the pandemic. I am grateful for the love my city has given me in spite of all this, as well as the virtual alternatives to the opportunities that were initially provided.
The spread of COVID-19 is creating a new age of anxiety in the U.S. driven by collective uncertainty over what will happen next and when our economy will return "back to normal."

How are you mentally processing the situation and what are some helpful ways you've learned to cope? 

"I am grateful to have music to turn to, social media to make me laugh, and friends that have become family during this. This pandemic just serves as a reminder that we need to treat the Earth better and we need to treat ourselves better. There is something to be said about living life on the go like we have been. As much as humans need to work, we also need to rest. So I'm using this one and only time to self-reflect as a moment of gratitude for simply being here."

A Harvard study on COVID-19 warned sporadic periods of "social distancing" could be needed until 2022 to prevent new surges in infections. For many Artists and Creators, connecting with shoppers IRL has always been our bread and butter. What steps will you take to continue to build brand awareness and remain connected to your community? 

"I have been diversifying my work since this all began. I plan to continue to create and perform music online using all of the socials (YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, even Patreon). Many platforms have been birthed for virtual prosperity during this so I will take advantage of them. I will still go to the studio and create a product that I can sell, and just keep encouraging people to follow their dreams. If I have to do a virtual listening party online in October of 2020, I will! I don't think my life has to be put on hold because of this. I'll just find a new way to make it work."


COVID-19 has inspired a wave of innovation for many Small Businesses whether through building out new delivery infrastructure or launching new products and/or services. How has this situation challenged you to re-evaluate your business and have you introduced any new initiatives you plan to keep after this passes? 

"I started doing YouTube in the beginning of 2020. I also started being more serious about my makeup. I would love to work more on my social media skills, so I'm posting more on a consistent basis in hopes of becoming a model or a brand ambassador. As an artist, it's expected that I have a lot of things under my belt. So I'm trying my hand at everything and whatever sticks will stay."

What is the best way people can support you right now? 

"The best way that people can support me right now is all free to be honest. Streaming my music, subscribing to my YouTube channel, and sharing my posts to their Instagram stories is plenty for me! I just want to reach new heights. The money will come later but it's not my goal in the end. I just want to connect with as many people as I can."

Do you have any tips for womxn-owned businesses struggling to stay afloat? 

"I would say to reach out to whatever platform you can to spread your vision. The worst that someone can say is no, so one email you send won't hurt. We can't be too prideful to ask for help."

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