The Matcha Collagen Latte That's Good For Your Skin

If you're looking to add a dose of wellness to your morning routine, then you need to add this homemade Matcha Collagen Latte recipe to your shopping list. Not only does it have nearly zero sugar (just 1g of sugar from the Almond Milk), it's packed with 6,600 mg of collagen, a nutrient dense protein that has been shown to increase skin elasticity and hydration by an average of 21%.


    To add a subtle bit of sweetness, I love 4th & Heart's Madagascar Vanilla Ghee ButterAccording to the ancient Ayurvedic texts ghee has Pranic powers and heals the body from the inside out. Ghee is also rich in Butyric Acid which helps your gut digest foods and helps your body assimilate other nutrients when eaten in conjunction with ghee. According to the creators, "it’s coconut oil with a buttery taste and since it’s dairy-free and lactose-free all can enjoy it."

    Now for the most important ingredient: the matcha. Most matcha lattes at your local coffee shops (Starbucks we're looking at you too) mix low-grade powders with sugars and syrups that deplete any nutritional benefits of the matcha itself. This may seem counterintuitive, but let's face it - sugary drinks are addictive and if we don't know it's in there, we'll assume it's the natural taste of green tea. 

    I recommend using Zenchai's Organic Premium Ceremonial Grade Green Tea Matcha Powder. They're based in NYC and I can personally attest that they take their matcha very seriously. Zenchai matcha is organically grown and originates from the temperate regions of Japan where rainfall is ample and the soil fertile from volcanic ash. It has a unique sweet taste not found in matcha from other regions, so it doesn't leave you with the dry fishy taste in most green tea powders. 


    For milk, I love New Barn's Barista Almond Milk - from my experience it froths the milk a lot better because of the added acacia gum, which contains a little less than 3g of sugar. If you're fine without the foamy milk froth, you can opt for an unsweetened version which contains less than 1g of sugar. 

    There are several options for collagen powders and supplements available at your local health-food market, but I love Neocell's Super Collagen Powder vs. supplements for a few reasons. First, I already take enough daily supplements. Second, Neocell has the highest collagen content per serving at 6,600mg compared to other competitor brands. Lastly, I love drinking in with my morning latte because my skin reaps the benefits of increased hydration rather than feeling dehydrated and burned out like I do after drinking coffee.

    You may spend more upfront to buy the ingredients, but when you compare it to your daily $5 cup ($140 a month!), you end up saving way more money over the long-term and get better health benefits by making your own wellness lattes at-home. Who knows, you may even feel inspired to create your very own recipes.



    • 1/2 tsp of Zenchai Organic Premium Ceremonial Grade Green Tea Matcha Powder
    • 1/4 cup of steamed New Barn Unsweetened Almond Milk (or your favorite kind)
    • 1 tsp of 4th & Heart Madagascar Vanilla Ghee Butter
    • 1 scoop of Neocell Super Collagen Powder
    • Matcha Whisk or normal whisk
    • Milk frother



      1. Bring a teapot of water to a boil
      2. While water boils, add desired milk to milk frother or steam over stovetop
      3. Pour matcha and collagen powder into a small mug
      4. Scoop ghee into mug and after water boils, pour slowly into cup to melt ingredients together leaving enough room for milk
      5. Use a small whisk inside mug and stir in both directions until all ingredients have completely dissolved
      6. Top with frothed milk and enjoy!

    Like this recipe and want to learn more about health + wellness? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 


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