• Crystal Candle - Rainbow Moonstone
  • Crystal Candle - Rainbow Moonstone
  • Crystal Candle - Rainbow Moonstone
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Crystal Candle - Rainbow Moonstone


Rainbow Moonstone is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope while enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence. Also is believed to help strengthen intuition and psychic perception, especially offering us visions of things that aren't immediately obvious.


Top notes of Clementine, Ginger Blossom with Middle notes of Casablanca Lily and bottom notes of Oud.


• 10oz / 283g Crystal Candle

• Packaged in a Gorgeous Iridescent Crystal-like Box

• Reusable Glossy White Heavyweight Vessel

• Coconut & Soy Wax Blend

• Crackling Wooden Wick

• Custom Blended Fragrances

COMMON SENSE WARNING: Not for reuse with food. Keep small objects and all things that are lit on fire away from children and pets. Thanks, bye.

Description provided about crystals and stones is for information purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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