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100% Organic, Zero-Waste Deodorant


Designer: Becky Boo Skincare

$ 25.00

Why switch to natural deodorant?

  • Most OTC deodorants contain aluminum, a harsh chemical known to mess with our precious pH balance. 
  • Our exclusive organic deodorant was created in collaboration with Becky Boo Skincare, a zero-waste organic skincare line founded by Vanessa Blez. She makes each jar by hand with fresh nutrient rich ingredients that are all beneficial to healthy body hygiene and keeps your pits smelling fresh all day long.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot powder, baking soda, 100% organic essential oils (juniper berry, black pepper, pine, ylang ylang, pamarosa, patchouli, fir needle)

Vanessa Blez, founder of Becky Boo Skincare is a talented musician and activist from Santa Ynez, CA on a mission to produce less waste by using toxic free, organic, and non-GMO products for her best-selling collection of organic deodorants. 


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