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YONI Steam Herbal Elixir


Designer: Wild Origins

$ 18.00

A ritual vaginal steam can warm and revitalize the reproductive system by increasing circulation to the area. Much as in a facial steam, the heat opens the pores so that the medicinal properties of the herbs are absorbed. They can be appropriate to encourage post-partum healing. Not to be used during menstruation, pregnancy, or vaginal infection.

DIRECTIONS: Pour boiling water over the herbs and cover for 10 minutes. Remove clothing from the waist down, create a tent with blankets around your body, and position your bottom over the steaming tea for 15-30 minutes, taking care that the water is not too hot.

  • Made with: rose, lavender, mugwort, calendula, raspberry leaf
  • NET WT .75 oz / 21 grams

Wild Origins was started by an herbalist whose interests lie in the intersection between nature, self empowerment, and self care.  Her workshops help others use herbs to bring bodies and minds into balance and her handmade offerings are alternatives to the chemicals of mainstream products.

Aniko uses plants sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs, Old Slate Farm in nearby Mount Vernon, Ohio, and her own garden.  She chooses her packaging carefully in an effort to give Mama Earth a little relief. 


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